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Building Successful Careers

As rivalry for graduate occupations builds, understudies need to consider better approaches to separate themselves from the entirety of the other similarly qualified and gifted applicants. Graduates who have pertinent work environment experience will in general be increasingly esteemed by managers, and this makes temporary positions an alluring possibility.

Be that as it may, what precisely are temporary positions, how might they help you and what will you be required to do? We'll investigate these territories right now, should assist you with deciding whether a temporary job is the correct decision for you.


What is coding?

To communicate with other humans we need to know a language, similarly to communicate with computers there is a special set of instructions that is used. Coding is the medium through which we can give instructions to the computer to perform a task. In our course, You learn the basics of coding and learn how to design Websites, Web apps and GUI.

Will I be able to understand the topics?

We have divided the course as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Why Callisto IT Solutions?

Different Candidates have a different pace of understanding and hence we believe in a 1:1 class.

Will coding help to perform better in academics?

Coding improves Candidates’ concentration by 75%. There is a significant increase in logical and abstract thinking.

What all topics are covered in the course?

Business logic, sequence, structure, and algorithmic thinking. They learn the basics of Object-Oriented Programming (Javascript) and learn to design Websites, Web apps and GUI.

What is the general opinion about the course?

Till now Callisto IT Solutions has conducted 100 classes and has 200+ paid students. We have 200+ 5-star reviews.